The best ever crash helmet design.......ever?

You’ve gotta love this crash helmet:D:D:D



see that while searching for a vid of le mans.

fugging brilliant, have you se teh pic of him coming down teh straight all tucked in with that lid on…so funny!!:smiley:

we love you vale46:D

I do love that lid, i want it.

lol nice!

lol that is so scary :stuck_out_tongue:

Imagine seeing that in your mirrors at 120mph!.. :stuck_out_tongue:

Simply genius idea! Looks just amazing when he’s tucked in roaring down the straight

LMAO all race :smiley:


I wonder if we’ll be seeing Rossi helmet replica’s on the streets, scaring kids in the back of cars everywhere :smiley:

If you do, odds on they wont be that good. That’s very skilled and therefore expensive air brush work.


I don’t know people well enough, but who do you think would be first LBer to have their face on the top of their own lid?:slight_smile:


yeah a great lid for sure.

apparently it was some kind of digital transfer and not just airbrushing.

wondered how the bog eyes looked so amazing.

Ive done my own version of Rossis new lid.:smiley:

I bet you’d love your face on Westie’s helmet:)

Anyone else think JP actually looks a bit like Rossi? (that’s not a compliment, JP, before you start getting excited)

You mean the bloke with the ice cream van?:smiley:

I know Westie loves my helmet.:wink: