The BEST Chain letter

Forward this message to five friends and in three minutes and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING will happen !!!

I tried it twice and it worked both times! absolutely nothing happened !!! IT REALLY WORKS!!!

Forward it now. Others should know abou this!!!

If you send it to 10 of your friends nothing will happen to you.

If you send it to 100 of your friends nothing will happen either to them neither or you.

If you send it to 1000 friends in the next 10 minutes nothing will happen nothing to them neither or you and you will have precisely the same luck (or bad-luck) that you had before!

This message has made it round the world 21331 times. Because naturally it is impossible to measure such thing we simply wrote a random number that appears impressive!

Do not break the chain because my cousin had a acquaintance that had known from facebook which very probably told him (‘probably’ because she spoke Spanish and my cousins experience with Spanish is his former girlfriend) that had a former acquaintance that was a pathological liar but swore on her life that she promoted the email to ALL her friends (4 of them) and the next month she received a message from a mature and honest Prime Minister from Nigeria which the fascist forces pushed to power saying he would give her diamonds from his country via a bank account!!