the best brekkie around "so far as ive seen or eaten"

newbie to here, but been biking for what feels like a thousand years, i ride a super snot zxr900 itchyfanny (kawasaki) and some of the local bikers to me ie toby gsx 750 and james zxr600 (bottomless pit gut) went to the busy bee broadlakes lodge off shenley lane between st albans and shenley borehamwood, as they are now doin food (yes its our regular haunt for a thursday night allways a good attendance) and we decided to have a brekkie, jeeeezz, it took me 2 days to finish it, for a fiver, it even filled up james’s borromless pit stomach, so if your about round the top end of the m25 car park and want to come n say hi n get stuffed full of bloody nice grub, pop in , im not affiliated to them at all i just think they deserve a mention , they are responsible for my leathers not fitting me anymore, too much brekkie, theyre open sat morning too, well be there , i thinks,

Morning… welcome… and please deliver to my office said brekkie in about 5mins, plskthxbye :slight_smile:

and … breathe…:smiley:

There is an awesome place in Mile End called Nico’s, although it is actually labelled the City View Hotel. Just off the corner of Bethnal Green Road and Cambridge Heath Road. If you ever want more food then you can possibly eat, that is the place to go.

Also try the biker cafe on the A281 on the right as you come out of Cowfold heading south.

£5 gets you a monstrous Breaky, very nice place and good service. Always bikers there on a sunday morning/afternoon.

My god… my stomach thinks my throats been cut… STARVING!

Ginos Slough gets my vote, just around the corner from Hein Gericke :smiley:

Aha… never tried Ginos - is that the one by the dodgy Wetherspoons ?
Might have to give it a go…


It sure is, :smiley:

I’m off tomorrow, may well pop in on the way to picking the kids up in the morning :slight_smile:

All these locations are rubbish! for me anyways… no where decent in/around north london?

There’s a load of greasy spoons around me, but nothing really decent.

dont know where you are in North London

I go to Merals

44 Cricklewood Lane, Cricklewood
London, NW2 1HD

service always very good and the all day breakfast is great for those hangovers

and you have to have their Kit Kat milkshake !

I’m north north, Enfield :frowning:

I get absolutely starving, or the load of dodgy cafs round there. There’s a place called Brunellos which is better. But fancy a country-style farm-ingredients brekkie with decent sausages, bacon, eggs, black pud etc.!! :D:D


Right, whos coming BM? Beer o’clock!

Found a great all day breakfast site a couple of years back. All localk sourced food and a lot of it, well presented, with a whole pot of filtre coffee for £2:00.

Pitty is, it was just outside Snowdonia N P on the way to Ruthin.

And the odds on finding another place like that are…

you do realise BM was yesterday?

Got a location mate? Thinking of doing North Wales end of this year, that sure would come in handy! :smiley:

Call yourselves London bikers

nope not telling you as popularity then makes the standard of food drop as they strive to keep up with demand … multiple locations across the metropolis as well as varied locations across the uk as well as Ireland …

Weetabix for the slender figured amongst us:D