Is it dead or we gonna resurrect it? The first week it never ran was a statement to good sense, the second may have been partially thwarted by the weather?

Hopefully I’ll be out either this coming weekend or the next (I’ll prolly be out the latter). But after all that sh1t from yesterweek The BCR hasnt run, I would imagine that it never ran course of the potential stigma. One of the texts I received from a worried Breakfast Club Runner was now “BCR = Bigoted Cnuts & Racists!”:frowning:

Well I want * our * ride back! The Riot says “it’aving the ride back”. It says its it right, its REASON FOR BEING! WHO’S GONNA JOIN THE RIOT AND I EITHER THIS WEEKEND OR THE NEXT!:w00t: Are we gonna sit back and have The BCR taken away from us? LETS MAKE A STAND FOR OUR RIGHT TO BCR! (add patriotic music here “land-of-hope-and-glory”)


i’ll be there this sunday m8:)

the bcr will go on for a long time yet george;) but no dout all that crud over the bcr aint helped much:angry:

i am interested to know what people that have never been on the bcr think of the rideout? cos sometimes bcr thread’s will go over 100+posts:w00t:

I can’t wait :slight_smile:

I’ll be on it this sunday but after this weekend im taking the bike off the road untill ive got the bike sorted.

I did it on my own last sunday, i even started from collier row for the first time ever :smiley:

I can’t make this weekend boys but defo up for it next weekend (22th sept)

keep posting things like that & the bcr will be back on top form :w00t:

What? you mean we’ll be back to 26 bikes on the BCR again:w00t::w00t:? I’ll try my best to bring in the business :smiley:

Very tempting!! Can I swing it,I’m off this Sunday as well;)i

Carefull you don’t put your back out :hehe::hehe::hehe::stuck_out_tongue:

Ive managed to get out of BSB duties so I could well be up for this for my weekend fix! On the SV and crappy tyres, but hey, I can hold up the rear or sommat :slight_smile: :smiley:

The more the merrier, beats riding on your tod.

sounds VERY painfull


What can I say, Im tiiiiight :slight_smile: (or youre big, one of the two) :w00t: (both, I think is the most acceptable answer)…:hehe:


BCR dead?


if its dry, as we all know im allergic to water…:smiley:

i will be away next week so im praying for dry weather!:slight_smile:

ya gotta be in it…to bin it!!

You gotta keep the BCR going mate its legendary :slight_smile:

Not made it myself but that only coz Im a lazy git and cant be arsed to get outta bed at stupid o’clock and ride 50 miles to the start point :D:D

Do you mean this coming weekend or the next? …and why do I think that you’ll be nowhere near the back of the group?:Whistling:

Day Release (09/09/2008)

May not necessary to try to outgrow the natural size of this technical ride as I may remind you that we add 11.53% riders having a off that day and the only people that find that rate acceptable is the american army…

If the weather sorts itself out then you may just see me again on the BCR. I am 70+ miles away from the start hence the weather conditions.

Long live the BCR