The axe has.....

I was made redundant last week… but have been finding the time I now have to ride my bike a bit more without the usual rush hour madness :smiley:

Given this event, im now looking to change my career… Im looking to get into Graphic Design, artwork, etc. Obviously at an apprentice level. If any of you fellow LB’s have or know of a job which allows a foot in the door let me know :slight_smile:

Examples of my eye for design can be found at


Sorry to hear that but when it’s happened to me in the past it’s usually been a trigger for a good change :slight_smile: Good luck :cool:

Unlucky…Know how you feel :frowning:

Still, like Steve says, you can use the time to get something positive out of the situation.


Brooke Jensen looks like a naughty girl.

Cheers guys, yeah ive been looking to change my career for a couple years now… so im glad ive been given the push to go ahead with it in a way :smiley:

Brooke Jensen… yeah she’s so so so bad!.. but unfortunatley only to other women! :crying:

Sorry to hear that, hope you find what you want very soon.