The Aprilia RS 125 Sports Bike -- Want one!

I want one. You could embarrass a lot of people on bigger bikes with one of these, and I’d love to have a go!

id love one! infact im thinking about getting one or a 250 for track days or an rd350…oh teh smell…the noise!

If they made a new (i.e. reliable) RS250, I’d have one in a shot. Those are crazy bikes.

true, me too:)

tho for the track i would have one, right little weapon! not as a road bike tho, too unrealiable, to end re-builds etc etc!:w00t::smiley:

I think 2Strokes is after one of these :D:)

personally as a bloater I doubt if I would fit on it :smiley:

LOL:D see i weigh sod all it would fly with me on it pedrosa style!:slight_smile:

That (or even better, a 250) with a properly sorted suspension would be the dogs balls at the track…just focus on being smooth…carrying good corner speed…cutting the proper lines…instead of riding around puckered wondering if that last 1/16" twist of the throttle was enough to spin up the rear and spit you off.

Mad speed down the straight aways IS fun…but…it’s not nearly as fun (IMHO) as carving a perfect line through a nice twisty section of track/road.

selling my 2004 rs125 poggilli rep. pm me if any of you are interested, its pic is on page 55 or 56 or members gallery. cheers

Don’t get a RS125 if you want to go on any trackdays your end up ragging it too much and killing it. The 125, you have to slip the clutch loads just to get away faster then a snail. The weak spots are the clutch release bearing, rear shock and the nylon gears. I’ve had both the RS125 and RS250 and without a doubt the 250 was king, better brakes, more rideable if thats possible, steered better, better suspension on the 1998 model (showa front forks and sachs rear) and is more stable. Weak spot on the 250 is the power valves, if they fail and drop into the barrels, it’s gonna cost you lots.

The valve problem was mostly to do with the mounting pins on the old RGV’s not the RS’s…not heard of an RS dropping its valves…and you can get them upgraded at some cost…is worth it if your gonna really thrash it on a track day…if your just going to enjoy the handling and sweet smell would not bother…

I have an RGV 250 does that count Tel,…its the next one up from the 125…just not had it out on the track yet…will join you next time your out in novices…see if I can keep it upright…

twostrokesliveon (07/03/2008)

The valve problem was mostly to do with the mounting pins on the old RGV’s not the RS’s…not heard of an RS dropping its valves. quote]Even on the later models (2 pins) the pins have been known to break due to the blades not being cleaned or the power valve cables are set wrong! !

Costs from a person on AF1 forum:

Everybike has (RGV/RS250) 4 Pins=20EU

Pic of failed power valve on a rs250:hi, i had EXACTLY this same failure last month. only the end of the broken piece sucked into the cylinder far enough to get broken off and start bouncing around. it smashed the spark plug’s electrode SHUT and i lost power. :w00t:

Never nice to see smashed bits :frowning:

bugger thats just the same as the RGV’s…get a set of stainless high perfomance ones like you get for the RGV’s…they wont break…

mind you they cost a bit…

Guess if you push them too hard all of the RGV/RS engines without mods are a bit touchy…and with mods they are still two strokes…

Thanks barry…have you thought about getting the replacement valves…

i had two rs125s

had me first one wen i was 17 blew that up racing a m8 in his mondeo 2.5l through camberwell to vauxhall got flashed by the camera on nine elms then got into work it cough and spluttered just as i rolled into work. put a stan stephens race bore race pipe and powervale and a lairy paint job. lets just say it was a total animal to b4

second one i got wen i was 21 was just standard and was always having electrical problems so i got rid of it done me test and got me an sv650



Na, just sold it to my younger brother :smiley: My youngest brother has bought my old rs125 then the rs250 of me each time I have changed my bike. I like to do all my own servicing as you know that the work has been done right and what parts have been fitted. Two strokes are just like highly tuned women, use the wrong lube and it end’s up costing you a fortune :smiley: I’m sure you know what I mean :wink: