The Antichrist.

Riding South making observations as and when.

Passed a slow moving BMW 320 and what the F*ck the Antichrist in all his glory steps out on a pelican crossing. Braked hard and despite a snaking rear tyre stopped upright.

Watched the f*cker cross without so much as a “how do you do”

Rode on towards Regents Park with the smell of brimstone in my nostrils and redemption in my heart.

Well I was there today as well as my nephew was taking part in a talent contest in the O2 shopping centre. Very heavy traffic on that road. Not surprised to learn of the presence of the antichrist in that area, it was hell getting through there with all that traffic at midday.Funnily enough I nearly bumped into the Whore of Babylon in Kennington last night when she nearly sideswiped me in her 4x4. Gave her an unholy blast with my Stebel Magnums, inadvertently deafening our esteemed Mayor in the process (he was a short distance away on his pushbike). Oops…

Probably all been there, either as motorists finding pedestrians ignoring the lights (I assume it wasn’t you missing the lights?) or friggin cyclists thinking the lights don’t apply to them because the law is for “little people”.

Sounds like you’re getting a little road rage there.

Can’t really expect to travel very fast down that road - surely if you see a pelican crossing, it makes sense to prepare to slow down, rather than wait until you see the Antichrist cross, and then brake hard?