The annual Ace Café Reunion

So, who’s going and when Fri, Sat or Sun?

Maybe we should all meet up on the Friday night and then again for the Sunday run to Brighton.

I think I’ll be able to make that

Any night m8 for me.

Any day should be good for me as well!

Me too

that weekend is also the weekend the killspills rally is being held, those of you that use the ninja site will know about it but for those that dont all the info you need is here - please go and sign the petition its probably the most worthwhile cause there is, and will the biggest rally london has ever seen, last year we had over 700 riders, this year is gonna much bigger

its suzuki sunday this week is it ?

Apparently yes! And it’s forecast for naff weather, can you believe! It’s always naff for Suzuki day, I don’t understand it, I think we’re cursed! I have a prior engagement for the afternoon, but will try very hard to be there for the first part of the day.

cool hope to meet a few of you