The agony of so many nice bikes

When the gf passes her test there may be the option for me to upgrade from my Bandit 600N as she might have it.

Wh75 at would you do?

Go up to a Bandit 12N or an SV1000s maybe. Bearing in mind I commute up to London. Just want soemthing a bit special with more ooompph. On a limited budget so my Daytona 675 or speed triple has to wait.

I also like the big GSX1400.

Can’t decide if I want a naked bruiser or something on the sports side. I’m driving the GF mad with me debating it so much.

Hayabusa. :smiley:

Just cut to the chase mate and get a fat old sportsbike - Kawasaki zx9r will be perfect - you can get them relatively cheap and it will be more bike than you will ever need. :slight_smile:

Gladius!!! :smiley:

Bwaaaaaaaaaaa lol


Would commuting and insurance be ok though?

CB1000R ?? :wink:

Insurance worries me.

yeah same here…thats why im looking into the 6oo hornet :smiley:

I don’t think the insurance is ridiculous on the SV thou’.


Go and test ride a few bikes, you will know what suits after riding a few and after getting a few insurance quotes.

Commuting on a ZX9 is fine - I’ve been doing it for the last 20 months now.
They’re comfy and as fast as you’ll ever need - and if you get a C model on, they’re not lardy (186 kg dry compared to 203kg dry for a Bandit 6) and better than a 'blade of the same vintage (although not as sharp round a track)- just unfortunate for Kawasaki that the R1 arrived to move everything on.
I’ve done around 25k on mine since I’ve had it, and there’s not a lot of bikes out there I’d swap it for.

I just got an old Yamaha Thunderarse for going to work on - it looks like a bus :stuck_out_tongue: but it is a lot of horsepower and bike for the money, it’s also bloody fast and it handles - it’s also comfortable and light at low speeds - even though it looks like a slabby old bastard! :wink: :DGet a few insurance quotes on old litre sports bikes around the 2/3k mark - to test the water.

Bandit1200…Good bike, for little money also lots of aftermarket parts avaiable, easy to tune etc

SV1000S–oh yesh…now thats the kiddie, for the same price as some new 125’s you can get a good’un:D

i bought mine for £2400…had 30,000 on it, but one owner, and it was 5 years old, with full history service:) and it had pretty much every aftermarket mod that i would have done myself already on it.:cool:

insurance wise it wont be much more than an SV6 for the record mine is around 700 mark FC, bear in mind teh area you live, and bike security…alarm…garage etc

for the money…the SVThou takes the crown for me…if your on a budget you cant beat it, loads of oomph!! can be bit much when commuting, tho i have only found this when im not in the mood for riding, way home commute etc most of the time its a joy! plus if you have loud pipes…EVERYONE…hears you;)

Think test rides are the way forward.

How are dealers about you riding the stock?

best of both worlds in 1 bike.

If they want to sell the bike to you they shouldn’t have any problems bunging you the keys (they will have to see your licence and you will have to sign an insurance disclaimer) - after all your not some snotty kid whose come down to rag their bikes and take the p1ss! ;):smiley:

If they are not helpful then they have potentialy lost a sale. :slight_smile:

Quite taken with the look of this.

Nice, I bought my bike from them, they have a few ZX9r there go check it out, also a very pretty Cagiva Raptor naked bike with leo vinci carbon cans + OE ones too.

Is that a late E model ? it is nice, and you should be able to knock a few quid off cos red ones are the slowest :slight_smile: