The Ace this friday, 26th. Chinese food.

It’s meant to be a surprise, so I have pm’ed a few of you beforehand but this is just a reminder. I’m hoping he won’t read this! I doubt he’ll be on before next week! :hehe:

It was his 23rd on Tuesday, so I figured we should all go eat chinese!

So the plan is to meet up at the ace about 7pm - 7.30pm Friday then head over to the park royal all you can eat chinese, just off the A40 at/for 8pm ish. Then eat as much as we can :w00t: and go for a ride or something afterwards.

So if you know me or george or want to come along, we’ll see you at the ace. :smiley:

Some surprise now Mich! :smiley:

Have you arranged parking in Gerrard St then?

Well what else am I meant to do, it takes too long to pm everyone, plus i’m at work and have been pretty much continuously for the last 2 weeks, so I don’t have time. Plus he’s not on here at all really and he’s already had his surprise.

Parking?? What you on about? There’s a really big car park.

Mmmm, chinese :w00t: I’m in :smiley:

Maybe we can have admin ban him for a few days :stuck_out_tongue:

lol yeh banning him is a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:
and your not aloud to leave untill i get there

lol, good idea to ban him!!

I wony be able to make it but have a duck pancake roll for me :cool:

Crispy duck pancakes…mmmmmmmm dribbles on her keyboard I’ll have more than one for you Sherrie :wink:

We’ll hopefully make it for the grub at least :smiley:

If you’re reading this George, look away now :stuck_out_tongue:

Which restaurant do you suggest?

I might not be able to make the Ace but could meet you there.

see you there

The title says Chinese and the post says Park Royal so that might give you a bit of an idea!!

We’re in :smiley:

Do they serve ice creme too ? :Whistling: Really fancy a 99 with a flake :P:D

they do but no flakes lol

Shame :wink:

Which restaurant is it ? shows a few.

If it is the one that I think it is, it is here:,-0.27977&spn=0.000263,0.000708&t=h&z=21

I’m in, see you at the Ace at 7 :wink:

I’m in! :slight_smile:

i may get fishface to give me a pillion there ;):smiley:

haha brilliant!

only fair though i guess :smiley: