The ace cafe last night

I had loads of fun at the ace last night. Didn’t meet up with any londonbikers (still don’t know how to recognise most of you, jaime was out of town and I didn’t see sookie), but I did enjoy the shows. Since I was playing with iMovie this morning (going to make some home-videos) I figured I’d use yesterday’s subject matter to make a trailer…

Here’s the actual footage I recorded (very little of it, but I’ve uploaded the trailer so I should show it all really! ;-))


Cool vids - looks like you’re getting up to speed with imovie quickly :slight_smile:

And it seems this was the reason for 4 cars and 8 bikes turning up and sitting outside…
Of the police variety that is…

Ha! Nice.

You obviously missed Big Vern and the 4 of us stood by the doors all night with a London bikers hoodie on !!

Friday night, everyone’s at the road, not at some door looking for a bunch of dodgy looking people in hoodies…

Anyone seen what exactly happened to the one biker, did he bump/crash into a car or what? Happened just when I pulled into the parking entrance by the round about, so I just go along and blame me HID on blinding him :stuck_out_tongue:

got told he was doing a rolling burnout drift thinggy what erver there called and went into the front of the car the person in the car got out said its finr and drove off but was told i did not see this so cant say if its true or not

Hey, finding four LB hoodies amongst a billion bikers isn’t easy ;-). Will try again the week after next (am in Athens next Friday).

Actually only one of us was wearing an LB hoodie! :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah first point of call to look is the first table inside…

Give Athens my regards… Damn I already miss it… :frowning:

I didn’t see/recognise anyone apart from the people I was with. I’m sure I heard someone say ‘is that Karleigh’ but I didn’t know who they were 0_o

love stuff like this at meets but its getting rare these days the nanny state is moveing in year by year there used to be 2 meets nr where i live but they have been killed off.

Here’s an old vid, some old school ace cafe in there! :slight_smile:

Same old ace…Like it…