The Ace Cafe is 80 this weekend


You may not be aware that the iconic Ace Cafe is 80 years old this weekend.

Tomorrow (Friday) is the start of the celebrations, and I/we will be there for our final Hudgell Bike night of 2018.

Our guest will be Helite (airbag jackets) and we will again be holding a free to enter prize draw with the chance to win an onboard (front and rear) camera system.

Connor Cummin the TT racer will also be attending for the night, plus there will be live music and a whole host of other activities to kick this celebration weekend off.

On Saturday, I have been afforded the honour of being asked to be one of the judges for the Cafe Racer of the year, so I will be there again and then of course on Sunday it is the Brighton Bash down on the seafront.

So, if you are looking for or thinking of somewhere to go tomorrow night or over the weekend, then why not pop along to the Ace and join in the celebrations?


Wow, 80 years! That’s some heritage. I remember going there when I just got into biking in 2002, so 16 years ago on my Honda CBR 400, when everything felt so new and exciting. I’ve met a lot of very good friends up there over the years.

Might have to wheel the Superduke out to join in the celebrations :slight_smile:


Ah, I thought that if there were any weekend you’d definitely not be at, it’d be the reunion one! I may well be down there on Friday on the XT, and less likely Saturday, though probably doing blood stuff so parked up way up the road for an easy departure…


Yeah, I’ll be getting there at 7-7:30 ish, hopefully giving the helites a good feel up


Just been advised that Hugh from Helite will not now be able to attend as his mother has been taken ill and had a bad fall and so he has ro go up to Shropshire where she lives.

I will have some brochures on the product with me if that is any help? And of course the discount code is still available :slight_smile:


Ah, well I’ll probably drop by anwyay for a look and a bowl of something unhealthy. And to maybe finally meet the famous T.C. :slight_smile:


Are you camping @Big_Red_S? :grin:



It’ll be a great day. Wish I could be there.


Never seen so many bikebikes in one place


It was a terrific day on Saturday, I had great fun helping to judge the Cafe racer competition. Just about to go back to the Ace for a celebratory lunch at the invite of the Ace

There were 5 categories for the Cafe racer of the year. One decided to go home before the announcement was made, but all were worthy winners.

I felt a bit guilty voting for the Guzzi in the modern Cafe racer category as I know Brian (aka Oldrat) but all te other judges voted for it as well so my vote was immaterial anyway.

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