The 80's Thread

Sorry, been on a right 80’s kick today and had to share those songs that i went too school with ect…

if you know thease songs you’ll know what it was like to be in highschool in the 80’s and how much fking fun it was…!!
anyway’s…here’s my Music Box;).

This first one i heard on the radio while eating in the school cafeteria…i will always remember that moment Mr.Mister graced my life…here’s ‘Broken Wings’

This Gem enterd my life when i had a Crush on my Best Friend Michelle Kaufman…we were watching a movie togeather and this song came on…i’ll always treasure that moment…its was a case of Epic young love. This is ‘Real Life - Send me an Angel’

Keeping on with 80’s Schooling in the states, and another movie slapped me square in the face while in junior high. the movie was the talk of the school and it was ‘Better off dead’…i thought that film was the best thing ever but the song at the end had me hooked…!!..
this is ‘Rupert Hine & Cy Curin- With one look’

This next amazing tune came on MTV while i was getting ready for school…There i was with my bowl of Cpt Crunch with my mouth open. what an amazing song and makes 1985 feel so long ago. This is ‘A-HA - Take on me’

Another sound that filled the air of school as the older kids hung around the steps outside school was this next song. i remember that one particular day i met my friend Michelle and on the way to Home Room she threw up and had to go home…i had a fear of throwing up for months after that. I think it was the shock of the moment…anyway, this is ‘Nick Kershaw - Would’nt it be good’

So it was the night of my Junior high school dance. I was in the 7th grade and noticed a girl i had never noticed before. Her name was Lisa Riddell and i had an instand Crush…This girl never even noticed me and i always wanted to tell her how ive felt…even after all thease years…i remember a big blue circle in my yearbook around her saying MARRY underneath…lol…maybee one day i’ll get to say hello…Anyways, i remember this song being played at the dance and it always draws me back to that moment. This is ‘Howard Jones - Things Can Only Get Better’

The Smiths - How Soon Is now was the tune of the century…it still throws up the hairs on the back of my neck and with always have a place in any collection i own.


never went to HIGH school cos i didnt live in usa, lol.

Secondary school for us.

You know the 80’s were just not that sh*t…

This is a bit bizarre because just last night for the first time in ages listening to some ‘bangin 80s anthems’ :w00t: . Loved them then, love them now. ‘Rapture’ by Blondie was a fave of mine. Was that 80s? I dunno, details :smiley:

ohh kaos…if your talking smiths!!!

see updated 1st topic;).

ahhhh The Smiths…my favs (and How Soon Is Now above :slight_smile: ):

yes…yes…yes…!!! :w00t:


More 80 choons that stick out for me :wink:

Got this on yellow vinyl somewhere lol

foooking chooons!

The 80’s? Now you’re talking!


Ahh those were the days…

Don’t even get me started on Electro/Hip Hop! :w00t:

FTW :cool:

Actually after watching the Straight Outta Compton video it’s nuts to think blokes now in their 40’s listened to that as teenagers. I was 19 when that came out! Kids these days, don’t know they’re born etc…


I remember being at school in the '80s - buying my first Conflict record ‘The Berkshire ****’ in my school uniform, Crass, the Mission live, getting depressed listening to 'The Mob’s ‘I wish’, Jane’s Addiction ‘Jane Says’, and of course a younger Shame Macgowan knocking back a bottle of whisky on stage …although since he plays Fairytale every year still at the Brixton Academy it’s not really restricted to 1980’s…

One of the great classics from that time has to be the Pretenders: Hymn to Her, although I’m rediscovering that now, as the 80’s were a kind of tuneless delinquent phase for me at the time ;):’m back to a bit of a dark depressive musical phase at the moment, so hold fire for some morbid 80’s insomniac links shortly:P

The Stranglers yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah

THIS HAS TO BE THE BEST SONG OF THE 80’s - Half Man Half Biscuit:D (well maybe not…LOL )

Waterboys - Fisherman’s Blues - great album with great songs:

This one reminds below me of my dark school adolescent goth phase, shut in my room with a heap of old vinyl - bit too depressing for an LB 80’s thread though:


These take me back a bit :smiley: