the 3 amigos

and u fit a paddock stand on perfectly :w00t:


NO those tyre marks do not belong to us :smiley:

looks like a riding school photo :stuck_out_tongue:

Like the grabrail upgrade on the last one!:D:P

Jimbo love the paddock trick… That would have been a way for me to get one home!!!

BUT - need to edit the reg numbers of the bikes!!!

u’ll be surprised what u can do with a bit of gaffa :smiley:

Agreed… now cover up the licence plates! :stuck_out_tongue:

will do nxt time haha :cool:

you don’t need gaffa tape to edit images… just use Paint!

I am very paranoid about having my reg plate showing…

Don’t worry, the mirrors will keep people away :wink:

I’d say obscuring plates is a common courtesy though.

You guys would fit in here, GSRs are very popular in Barna.

Reminds me of our K2’s :smiley:



I’m assuming Barna=Barcelona?

I saw also a lot in Athens (altough not as many Z750s)… Seems like these naked models are very popular in Southern countries. Not so in the UK…

One of them got scared and pi$$ed themselves :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, yes.

Ducati Monsters are also popular. In fact, all sorts of PTWs are popular here compared to London/ the UK!

You have a knack of confusing me with your acronyms… PTWs? :stuck_out_tongue:

Powered Two Wheeler (s)

hehe LMAO!

Has someone had a pee against the back wheel??:smiley: