The 2008 Ducati 1098 R - SBK Stormer

We’ve just published a gallery for the new Ducati 1098 R that is taking SBK by storm, oh and an article from Ducati as well :slight_smile: The detail in the bike is unreal. I’m quite surprised at what Ducati have done with the R over the S.



Totally beguiling! How could you not want one?!

i think i need some tissue :w00t:

Go on then how much?

Cor, that ticks all my boxes! She’s beautiful. No doubt out of my price range though.

Is that the one that’s £24k ? Don’t get much for your money do you . . . the engine is not that special given what the Japs are doing, apart from it being missing a couple of cylinders . . .

taxi . . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes, that’s the cost :slight_smile: Owning a bike like that is not at about value for money, it’s about quality, difference and the ownership experience. I’m sure if we were in a position to own one, we’d find a way of describing how wonderful it is, heh.

It’s a gorgeous machine…no doubt…but…50 grand for a bike is a big ask. Particularly for a bike custom built for ONE purpose only…the track…and all the risks associated with riding a spirited pace on a closed circuit.Clearly it’s intended for the people to whom wadding a 50 grand toy is not a big deal. (Unfortunately, I am not in, nor do I ever expect to be in, that particular club. :confused: )

You can’t build a good engine by simply putting together a bundle of bits with the right badges on them :wink: I think good engineering is always about value for money too, it’s easy to throw a lot of money at something to make power but it’s much harder to do what Suzuki or Kawasaki for example do to make similar power, in a road useable design that will do 50,000 miles without a problem. Look at the busa engine, I hate to mention it again but it is a perfect example, even though it was designed 12 yeears ago it still offers one of the best, most reliable power deliveries around today. I guess the gixer 1000 and ZX10/R1 are up there too now.

My car cost more than that Ducati but is it better ? It’s certainly different, would I spend £24k on a bike ? No, not when a great 600 is £6k and a litre bike is £8k. A car with similar performance to my Dax would be £60k from Caterham or £45k from Aeriel so I think I have the better engineered car, cheaper, faster and just as reliable.

Gregman, I don’t think most owners ride them like you’re suggesting, most just pose on them and ride around wealthy parts of town in the latest top-shelf Dainese leather jacket whilst hunting for a an appropriate coffee shop with the right number of available darlings in.

Of course, if this stereotype is inaccurate, can existing ‘R’ owners please post up and claim otherwise :slight_smile:

Damn, man…you are cursed with poseours over there too?