That's just low

Given a boat load of money to improve safety and they spent it on the club how and facilities.

But they’ve got nice showers and toilets though

At least it wasn’t £500 MILLION…

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As it’s a street racing circuit maybe there was limited scope of what they could spend it on. They can’t remove telegraph poles for example. Street racing will never be safe and those who take part know the risks. I don’t agree with it personally as the TT on modern machinery seems lunacy to me. The margin for error is 0, but that’s just my opinion.

Dunno how bad the old toilets were, can’t have people coming down with dysentery, improving sanitation is surely improving rider safety - sort of. :-/

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Kevsta. I can understand how you might think that.I have been to the Ulster Gp three times. Not recently mind you. But I have met members of the Dundrod and district Motorcycle club. Whose massive selfless work combined with the local council/ councils to do everything thing they could do and afford to to make the road as good and as safe as possible . Including cajoling local farmers and house owners to allow them to make changes. But ultimately there is only so far you can go. After that it is up to the rider.
That course probably gets risk assessed every year . But there are some things that can be done to minimise the risk and something’s that can’t. For example I commented once about something as simple as some trees needing to be cut down near the exit of one corner. It would be a safe run off.But a club member told me they couldn’t do it as the owner of the trees wouldn’t let them. So I guess putting bales there part mitigates a problem.
Anyway, I have read the BBC report and conclude it is sensationalist bullshit not worthy of the BBC and an insult to a fine Motorcycle club. Who have scrimped scraped and sacrificed for decades. I have read what they have used the money for and why and it makes sense to me. I would be surprised if they haven’t bought all the bales they needed/ could use.
This Club is part of a road racing community. They are passionate enthusiasts. The last thing they want is anyone getting hurt or killed. Be it at Dundrod, Skerries or anywhere.
If anyone hasn’t been. I strongly urge you to go. It’s less than 8 miles long . So move along the circuit between the action ultimately going right around to get a great appreciation of it all before settling on a few favourite spots.

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