That's how it's done!!!

Praise to the biker that over took a HUGE line of cars this morning at Orpington that were all queing up to go down a snowy hill one at a time!.. He just nipped past them all and showed them how it’s done! :wink:

Was a tad slippy this morning, ok once onto the A2 but the roads leading there…lets just say I’m glad that bus moved when it did :slight_smile:

haha, I did see his face through his lid (was crossing the road at the time), as he started to roll over the lip of the hill he did have a “Ohhh crap what am I doing?!?” expression.

I had a few of those as well :slight_smile:

Must be honest I totally misjudged it this morning, I thought it would be rough getting from the side roads upto the main road but they were just as bad…if it carries on I’ll prob leave the bike at work.

Day’s like this you need something like this! :smiley: