Football is NOT good enough. Its NOT a sport, it isn’t a religion./ Its a really crap sport substitute for bike racing fans.

PLEASE CAN we have some bike raicng, please, i’m going fricking stir crazy here!

YouTube reruns of races I’ve alreayd seen only goes so far… and FOOTBALL IS NOT A SOLUTION ITS IDOLISING CISSY BOYS WHO ARE PAID FAR TOO MUCH, and who get manicures for god’s sake!

+1 Amen to that

ooops double post

the WSBK has started at least. watch that.

yeah but it’s another 5 weeks until round 2 :frowning:

Fighting talk Tobi.

Agree though that footie isn’t a sport, it’s an art form. The beautiful game :slight_smile:

Football = 22 millionaires ruining a lawn.

THAT’S ENOUGH ALREADY!”?..oh dear your standards are really slipping…

by autumn you’ll be posting “I HATE THE FALL!” or “DO THE MATH!” or “…thinking of buying some new waterproof PANTS, what should I get?”

but I’m with you on the football…

…just watch the rugby instead…much better.:slight_smile:

hahaha. you gotta love footy, its in ya blood and its tribal. i do miss the bike racing though. it is possible to love both toby.

Your blatant lack of moral fibre and desire to placate both sides of the coin are classic hall marks of the weak. You shall be culled with the rest of the whinging nancy ball fans!


Football… ha

Yeah, it is rather theatrical I guess.

how about this one then

Well at least the Football gives you something to laugh at for a while … :hehe:

Still a crock of $%&* though

Rugby all the way. Roughest sport in the world yet all the players have far more sportmanship than any other game. By that I mean… we knock bash the living **** out of each other on the field then have a pint together back at the rugby club after it.

Sport should be caterogrised in the following:

Sport: Rugby, American Football, Ice Hockey, Aussie Rules, Gaelic football and lacrosse.

'Fat-lazy’or ‘aged’ sports: Snooker, darts, bowls, curling etc.

Over-paid ‘look how much of a **** I am’ sport: Football, tennis and golf.

Athletics: I know it’s already catergorised in this but it needs some excitement. Turn the 100m into a game of British bulldogs, put barbed wire around the hurdles, shot put should be grenades etc etc.

Dressage can just **** off. What a pathetic sport.

Anddddd I’m not going to knock motor sports - but how can it be a sport when the only physical human involvment is to operate a machine powered by fuel. I know it involves years of practice and experience but it’s just not a sport in my eyes.

Football is rubbish

I even went to a real live match to check, about 2 years ago.

Confirmed that it is rubbish

Whoever suggested football isn’t a proper sport, should look at the google images for “Terry Butcher Sweden”. Like all Ipswich players, he was a proper footballer who knew what winning meant. :slight_smile:

aww diddums he got a cut on his head, try this for commitment ==>

rugby is for people who dont understand football, but thats fine. its a tribal thing and you have passion for your team no matter what. they are like your family and as for drinking with the other fans after the game when we lose. no way!!!!! when the footy season is over you get the bike racing which is just as good. i love motogp and wsb but my favourite is bsb and heres one reason why…

Don’t bring ‘fans’ into it, that really wont help your case.