That was cold outside today

At one point I even found myself thinking I’d be better off in a car…took my toes nearly an hour to get back to normal!

Cold? P’ah, wait till winter arrives! :smiley:

Ride more and get aclimatised, join our ride out tomorrow!:slight_smile:

Where you guys going and meeting? You ok to have a newbie? Am very slow on them corners.

Just on my way back from the Highlands, cold … it was silly ! Sat morning it was -9, got up to -4 in the afternoon then back down to -8. Saw a bike out in it too !!! Nutter.

A mere -5C on the way in to central London from Essex this morning. Nice ride in: I cut nearly 15min off a 1hr journey. Quite a few nutters about though.

-7 degrees in the wilds just outside Potters Bar at 6:30am this morning. Thankfully the roads were uber-quiet as I rode like Miss Diasy till I hit the Finchley road.

Drove home last night - had to wipe some ice from my seat - decided best to take it very easy - sat at about 25mph (on 30 mph roads)

Some whitevanman, none too happy at my holding him up - as he went past shouted “you drive like a ****”…

Still, better a slow **** than a dead one!

i rode home at 2am odd last nite, was -3!!! :w00t:

corners were taken very gingerly, luckily there wasnt much traffic about, so i had room! dodged a few ice patches…

be carefull out there peeps.

my bike was so fecking cold this morning my throttle had frozen shut. My hands were so cold I pulled over to warm them up, the bike wouldn’t restart, battery is knackered. So had to wait in the freezin cold for the aa. Got it charged up and managed to ride it to a shop for a new battery.

now try an 80 mile round trip to work n back…left the m25 onto the a3 and had to wipe my helmet cause o the ice forming!!! double gloves, tracksuit under padded double layer waterproofs with armour and a seriously thick hoody. Bring on Jan/ February 09 :smiley:

-4C on the way in to London today for me. I didn’t go much over the limit on the motorway as I was trying to keep the wind chill in check. I don’t reckon it’ll be much warmer on the journing home.

Saw one biker near Shoreditch where we exchange that all knowing look : “yep! it’s fecking cold”

Nice to not have any traffic.

Nice isn’t? :smiley:

i was pretty warm today :slight_smile:
but could barely move from all the clothes i was wearing

It was actually a lot nicer on the way home. A lot less damp and only -1C instead of -4C.

It’s gonna be very icey in the morning judging by how much there is already!

It was a bit brisk, wasn’t it. I could wipe the icy condensation off my bike with a finger if I stopped for more than a few minutes.

My 60-mile trip up the motorway should be fun tomorrow. :crazy: