That was a crap journey home

I was unfortunate enough to be working until 10pm yesterday. I had a terrible shift, spending much of it at two of South London’s finest mental institutions, but due to some extraordinary luck I managed to finish work on time…sadly that was the end of my good luck…

Going down the A2 towards New Cross Gate, there was horrendous traffic and it transpired that New Cross Gate was shut due to a shooting…so I suppose my day was better than the victim’s. Went off through Lewisham then back onto Shooters Hill Road, via Blackheath Village. Dropped down onto the dual carriageway from the Sun in the Sands Roundabout… made up a bit of time, and then got to the roadworks at the M25 where they had taken it down to 1 lane…that held me up a lot, and then it opened up until I got to Singlewell on the A2 where it was being shut by police and Highways Agency. Presumably because of an accident. I then went through to Meopham and then went on the back lanes to Sole Street and Cobham… which was interesting in the dark. Rejoined an empty A2 at Cobham…joined the Wainscott Bypass… which was shut at the next junction due to ‘routine maintenance’. Because of the A2 being shut the divert route was already horrendously busy, so I went back down the Wainscott bypass joined the M2 and made some progress to Junction 4 where I left. By now I had been on the road for 75 minutes, in what is normally a 45 minute journey. The fuel light was flashing so I thought I would stop at a petrol station and fill the bike up. Luckily I am in the habit of checking that I have means to pay before putting the petrol in… because I checked my pockets…

And the very nice wallet by employers provide me for my warrant card wasn’t there. It also contains my cash card and some cash. It’s still in my locker at work. So is my diary. I now have to go back into London on my days off and get the bloody thing. Oh and I’ll have to ask the Mrs for some more pocket money so I can get some petrol into the bike, so I can get to London. Oh and I have to go to Bluewater today.

Thank you for allowing me to get it off my chest. Rant over.

Sounds like a nightmare journey.

I generally dislike my commute back on Fridays. I’m not sure what it is, but I think it’s something about people being desperate to go home, so driving a bit careless, possibly having had some beers at lunch or whatever. I’m always ultra alert and take it easy on Fridays.

Awwww mate you aint having much luck at all latley…and your memorys going as well…it’s called GETTING OLD(should have a holiday in one of them mental institutes you mentioned lol):D:P;)

Arrgghhh, that is a bummer. I had forgotten my back protector at one of the sites yesterday afternoon, but ended up taking a switch there and collecting it then. I rode back missing the palava at New Cross area luckily. Bloody nightmare. Working tomorrow from 7am to midnight, so not looking fowards to it.