That thing the chain rubs on on the top of the swingarm...

…is it meant to have two grooves in it where the edges of the chain are? Assuming it isn’t, what’s it called and where can I get a new one :w00t:

Hmm maybe it is…

yeah mine is ridged up across the middle like that…
think it helps to track the chain or something…

I thought I was working my way through it and nearly grinding away the metal!

Panic over for now…now back to worrying about my valve tick :stuck_out_tongue:

Mine was all munched up on the top so I flipped it over onto the fresh rubber

Valve trouble sounds bad you got a heart problem or something? :smiley:

Ticking valve, I ‘fixed’ it though - took the baffle out of the exhaust :smiley:

called a chain guide and are really so the chain does not make contact with the swingarm.

I’ve never had one wear out and my bikes are high mileage - but definitely worth checking periodically! :wink:

Used to be called a “rubbing block” and they used to cut through quite fast but with modern materials (rather than soft neoprene rubber) they seem to last about as long as the bike. Providing you keep your chain adjusted.

that was the worry…(that particular) panic is now over though!

Its good to left the chain up and get in their with a plastic knife and some wd40.

Clear out the crud in the ridges and your gear changes get smoother!

Also sometimes called a ‘chain slider’ I think.