That sinking feeling...

Went out after work for a few Coca Colas on Thursday night after work and as I walking back to my bike at around 2230, I rounded the corner and my heart sank. Mine was the only bike left in the bay and the right hand mirror was pointing towards the sky. I knew immediately it had been over on its side before I’d even got to it.

Sure enough the bar end, magnesium clutch cover and my 4 week old Akrapovic were all scuffed. Now I know it’s only minor cosmetic stuff and not many people even notice BUT I CAN!! Luckily the company I work for manage the building next to the bay so I have just spent half an hour looking at CCTV footage in an attempt to catch the curlprit in the act. I don’t know what I was expecting to find but it wasn’t a mature rider on an R1150/1200GS who rode about 2 feet before his disc lock met the caliper and toppled him over onto my Z750, that’s for sure. What a numpty!! At least he had the decency (along with some helpful Joe Public) to pick my bike up first before tending to his own, but sadly the decency didn’t extend to leaving me a note with his contact details so I could send him the bill.

I am now scouring the local bike bays looking for a GS with damage to its right hand side and a disc lock print on the caliper. Grrrrr

And if one more person tells me that you have to expect it when you ride / drive in central London… No, I bloody don’t!

David, I know that sinking feeling all too well. I sympathise with you! Bad luck for being a victim of Bike-Bay damage. Personally, I wouldn’t leave any bike on the road, it’s just not worth it, thieves are lifting dozens of bikes off London’s bike bays every day, no exaggeration.

It’s a shame you didn’t get the registration number! What a bitch that the rider didn’t leave a note! I find that dissapointing moreso, because as we all know, BMW’s are very expensive, so it’s fair to come to the conclusion that he has some money to spare! He most likely won’t go back to the bay, but for sure, keep an eye out for it!

Take a copy of the tape, just in case you find him, you can show him the tape and say it’s in his best interests to cough up! I’m not sure he’s oblidged to pay though in all honesty, as it was an accident, and you might be expected to take an element of risk when leaving personal-property on the streets.

Last time I had that sinking feeling, I came round a corner, to find a space where my bike used to be. Please don’t let that happen to you, keep the bike off the road David! I had to resort to using trains, but eventually bought a cheaper bike to use as my commuter.

Really sorry to hear that mate.

I have refused even after being jobless to work on central London. The trains are ****e as are the buses and bike parks are even worse. I don’t have the money either to buy a commuter hack

Where do you park your bike at work then Jay?

I don’t work in Central London, Terry. We have secure parking at my work-place. I used to park on the streets in C.London, until I had my much-loved K1 750 stolen back in Feb '04, when I replaced the bike, I stopped riding in to town on it, and got the train like everyone else. It’s hard at first, but it was doable. I wasn’t prepared to risk my new bike, I couldn’t afford to. In the end though, it was a big issue for me, so I got a new job where I didn’t have to worry about these things.

Aye that’s a tough break man. I used to brace myself everytime I left mine, and now with bling paint job, I’m not gonna chance it.

Could’ve been worse tho…?

I keep getting told that I am a fool by the agencies because I don’t want to work on central London. To be honest I know I am limiting myself but I would rather earn less money than do the tube or the bike parks everyday.

Hence why I am temping at a £7 an hour job Maybe my attitude needs changing?

Sorry to hear about your bike being stolen A close friend of mine brought a brand new ZX12 when they first came out. It was such a beautiful bike. After a month of him having it someone stole it from his drive cover lock and all. He didn’t even get to run it in because of the 2,000 mile running in period.

DavidPN… Man that’s complete ste!!! I too have been a victim of this… ALL the bikes that I have owned have at one time or another been knocked over by complete Waers!!! Hope you find this idiots bike and hand him the bill!!!

Sorry to hear your news mate thats rubbish. I remember when my Dad!!! scratched the petrol tank of my 3 month old Fazer, it was tiny but “I” could see it and it kinda takes the shine off it I know.

No matter what anyone says your gonna feel like **** about it, but it could be worse ie you could be fishing for it, if you lived in New Orleans So look out for the guy, but don’t let it get to you too much if you can lifes to short, just remember the Z’d will still give you the horn when you crack the loud handle

I have to say that even with my hard to damage tractor I look in horror at London’s bike bays, they are crap

I know well how yuo feel mate! A bloody mechanic dropped some brake oil on my yoke and it has damaged the paint a little bit. Nothing for everyone else but everytime i ride the bike I can’t avoid look at it! Hope you catch the *******!

That’s bad news mate … hope you find him & gain some recompense!

I live in EC1, so I ride a scruffy 16 year old GPX750R … which kinda takes away most of the worry for me. Perhaps think about an old bus like mine for leaving in town?

I’m hopefully gonna buy a black Busa over the winter … but I know it will be a liability to park in town!

I am SO sorry to hear about your bike! Good thinking with the CCTV. Where do you park in London? I am an academic and work over by Covent Gardent. I don’t want to give my secret away as it is difficult to find parking. However, I park in the main gate area of a building, so the bike is off of the street. The security guards find it amusing that I am a girl on a blade, so they spend their day winding up anyone who looks at it while I am away. They actually give me tally sheets by the end of the day. This works well as it means that they are keeping an eye on my baby, and it provides entertainment during the day. If you are around Covent Garden, give me a shout and I will tell you where I park. Room for more if the scooters stop showing up!

Grrrr sorry to hear.

Hey guys, thanks for all your sympathetic posts. I know it’s not a major wipe-out, or a theft but I’m glad you can share my frustration! Since you’ve all tuned in I thought I would give you an update. Having seen the CCTV footage, got the make and model of the bike and a rough idea of what the “disc lock racer” looked like, I have been scouring the bike bays in the immediate vicinity. Sure enough, in the very bay where my bike was parked last Thursday was a BMW R1150GS Adventure with a scuffed cylinder head and handlebar.

At 1800 this evening I grabbed a copy of Performance Bikes and went on a stakeout!! After about 20 minutes and several interesting articles, my prime suspect approached his steed. I cooly walked past and then stopped as if I suddenly recognised him and asked him if he was OK after his tumble last week. He smiled and told me that he was fine and unhurt (apart from his pride) and that he felt quite sorry for the owner of the other bike. It was after this comment that I pointed out that I was the owner of the other bike! His smile disappeared. The “other” bike to which he was referring was actually a scooter on the other side of mine as the owner was there when it happened. Between them they picked up all three bikes and BMW man claims he could not see any damage to mine. In all fairness to him, he accepted full responsibility, produced his business card and we swapped details. The scooter owner is already claiming on his insurance so he said he would give me the reference number and I could do the same. I offered to show him the damage but he said he trusted me and was too busy to get involved hence why the insurance company were taking care of it.

So, just need to get a quote for repairs now and hopefully it will all be done without any more drama but I’ll be sure to let you know if there is!

Thanks again for all your kind words and advice. I wish my budget extended to two bikes but I would never be happy on a runabout knowing there was a Z750 in the garage at home!

Result mate thats worked out well. At least he did the decent thing and has handed over his details.

Hey that’s great news! Cor, this is like a soap, I’m feel happy for you! Seems a bit smarmy to leave it to his insurance company. Wealthy enough to afford a BMW, too busy to sort it out himself, but he can afford the raise his insurance premium will take as a result? Weird, or smarmy.

A second bike doesn’t have to be any less fun. My DRZ 400 is completely different to my gixxer, but it’s just as fun, despite the £7500 price difference! It handles so well, you just throw it about and ride over anything that’s in your way, a truely fun bike! Even more so off-road.

Good news mate, well done, let hope it get sorted nice and easy and you can get it back to original condition

Good on yer for catching the bloke, have several scratches on the tail of my bike from the cleaners at work but cant prove it as the CCTV doesnt cover the bike bays in the office carpark. we’re waiting for someone to scratch the house managers bike(might do it myself) and maybe he’ll get another camera put up.


sorry to read about your bike,…& even everyone else’s. good news that it’s getting sorted. well done on the stake-out. it happened to me too, a police astra knocked my bike over when shooting off, responding to an immediate!-& this was parked on a friend’s driveway-they drove in to turn around. a horrible feeling to hear the crash and alarm going off!.i knew the bike was on the floor.

good luck!.

Nice work Columbo!!

Did you tw@t him with said rolled up PB mag once the pleasantries and liability had been sorted ?

There’s hope for us all now ‘Urban Parking Warrior’ is on the case!

Nice work and well done… Your one of the lucky ones, to have found the ideot resposible…