That may have been a mistake....

Im gonna come over and “borrow” your KTM :stuck_out_tongue: AND i swear your giving me nightmares the more you keep looking through my window! :smiley:

The Lord be with you and in your future dreams.:slight_smile:

He who dares wins Jetstream. He who dares wins :wink:

Anyway no one else wants me so I have to dream!

Emilia rocks.:slight_smile:

not one dream on sight, nor wet or dry…will try again tonight! :smiley:

Why did my brain scan “bucket load of semen” there? No offence, Alice, but the mind plays tricks after the 6th spliff of the day.


Nice to see you back again on the LB forum 7wheel - even if you are corrupting us by talks of smoking joints and other substances:P

Enjoy the dreams Alice:)

Glad to see you’re cutting down :slight_smile:

guffaw :laugh: