That may have been a mistake....

Cheese on toast for dinner and a bucket load of stress is gonna make for some interesting dreams tonight i reckon!! oops :w00t:

can’t be as bad as my dream recently :confused:

You not gonna share?

had a thread and discussion on them a while back.

Had another death dream last night though.

Very scary.

Sun exploded…

Blimey - nasty! You need to chill out!

must have been awesome at the same time lol

Gotta love dreams good or bad…have another piece of cheese on toast later :smiley:

See you think like I do! I had a nuclear war dream not so long ago and woke up thinking…wow that was impressive. The visuals were just fantastic, amazing what the brain can dream up.

I had an interesting one last night, the Joker was in it, not the new one, the old one in the purple suit, from the “graphic novel” version was very strange.

i had a cheese and ham sandwich AND a big slice of cheesecake…
i’ll tell you what happened in the morning :smiley:

Yeah the sun was pretty awesome when it exploded. Like a big wave of circular magma flying towards the earth and engulfing me, and the stadium i was sitting in as I tried to run…

But when you start dreaming that you got back with your ex, and things like that, it’s kinda sad when u wake up :confused:

Had a siesta today - had a dream I was grappling with a grizzly - totally realistic - writhing around, feeling it’s bloody great arms around me squeezing and everything and I was thinking - I don’t like this - and even though i was asleep I deliberately changed the scenario into me shagging some bird - again super realistic - woke up and felt dissapointed to find myself alone :blink: :smiley:

I had a dream the Kawasaki got stolen :frowning: I woke up practically in tears :frowning:

i hear that…when things are raw them dreams dont help bro lol…wake up with “the belly” :w00t: hahahaha

just gotta man it and crack on tho :slight_smile:

I remember a lot of my dreams…some real up sh**…i appreciate them tho, good or bad :slight_smile: … reckon its how you digest the events your life. :slight_smile:

I had a genuine dream that I went round for alexs for some random reason, knocked on the door, no answer, looked through the living room window and lustyfish was sucking off alex…was mega weird.

because it was still there?

I dreamt about bike thieves … they stole a bike which belonged to a mate of mine. :w00t:

I don’t dream. I used to when I was young. I feel like I’m missing out :crying:

For some reason of late I’ve been having weird and weirdly vivid dreams. Odd, since I’ve been sleeping little due to the amount of sex ive been having lately ;)There was a woman I knew named Emila, she was the sexy older lady next door at the time,she knew how to please, she sun-bathed naked, she danced like a stripper. I realize now that she was in her early thirties, I was 20 and she was tan, exotic, and incredibly sexy. :wink:

I never did **** her actually, for all the times I thought I might, all the times we played grab and tickle, all the times it seemed like I’d have wound up in bed with her, it never did happen. (The ****)

In my dream, we are on a bus, or some sort of large, slow-moving vehicle, and talking about how we never did, and how we should have, but now it’s too late

I am having a conversation with her over a bottle of moet. I’ve no idea what we talk about. It wasn’t important, though.


I wake with Emila beside me. Her sweat on me. I can smell myself on her.

I kiss her bare shoulder, stroke her from hip to belly, fingers parting her thighs and feeling the wetness of her alopecia type bald pussy.

I roll her over, kiss her, and straddle her, kneeling between her things. She’s still slick and wet; we’ve already fooked once. Her pussy smells like my porridge and hers.

I wrap my hand around the base of my cock, working it fully hard. I rub the head against her slit, working her open.

I push into her, wet and welcoming. She whispers my name Moto-King Moto-King. I can feel the inside of her; she moans softly, and I begin to growl like tony the tiger. Then I woke up Dammmmmmmmm it man :hehe:

been reading too much ‘mills and boon’ novels me thinks mr moto-k:D

mk you’re a funny ****.