That LB Spirit

Near midnight I post on LB that I’ve been a ninny and dopped my Ducati snapping off the clutch lever.:blush: A matter of hours later I have PM from an LB’er, that I have only met twice!:cool:

What a Mench!:cool::cool::cool: Top site too!:smooooth:

Jay, do we have LB’er of The Year Awards?:discuss:

Awww, it warms me to the cockles. I love the LB spirit.

Sorry about your ‘opps’ moment. My friend had one the other day… He had been out on the bike all day with his friend, came home. Popped the bike into the garage but as he went to get off the bike, he put his foot into a box of toy soldiers and fell over and the bike followed suit. He swears they weren’t there when he left in the morning.
Boys and toys. Tut tut.

its good here init:D


I’m sure there’ll be a number of great nominations for the awards this year!

I bet you that the Best Binned Bike Award goes to someone on the BCR (Breakfast Club Run). Whilst I’ve not been out wiv’em they’ve been sling’in bikes left-right-and-centre. Not always their own bikes, either!:blink:

I have had another pm from another top chap saying that he’s enroute to a Ducati dealer for a lever for his bike and he’ll do-the-do if he can!:cool: