That ford.

It`s days are numbered.

It don`t frighten me.

I`ve got rubble sacks and duck tape on my side.

So yer days are numbered at around 3.

let me know when, I’ll come and film ya :smiley:

fixed it for ya! :smiley:

“So yer days are numbered at around 3”.

Mon = 1

etc …

I’ll bring this along,

Well, best get an early night now;)

you can have this one

you in aswell then

I’m working Wednesday :crying:

it must be something to do with being English… the need to ride your bike through water. maybe its a regional thing.

Don’t worry too much Art. The mature lady supervisor is trying to put the kybosh on this and might succeed. :crying:

Nope, trying to get Bluestar some diving equipment so as he man the JCB

Well did we…


Was that today Geoff?

Jesus Geoff, that water is deep looking


and it wasn’t even Wednesday

Well, big thanks to Geoff for coming with me, socks and pants now dry and MLS placated.:smiley:
Seriously it was epic, water was over my knees at the mid point, big thanks to the dog walker/photographer for her excellent work and keeping her two golden retrievers out of the water.:stuck_out_tongue:

Next time Art we promise we`ll do it on one of yer days off.:cool:

Next challenge, La Manche.:ermm:


I got it now… it must be an age thing? I don’t know whether to congratulate you for your achievement or criticise you for your stupidity… MAD… milestone achievement document…