just wanted to say a big thanks to Trojan who came over on a flying visit to see me tonight…(sorry my rotty pissed on your shoes dude…)lol.brought over a huge tin of Quality street and a huge tin of celebrations;).

bluddy fantastic surprise mate…and means alot:D

and thanks to everyone who has come over to see me while i have been house bound…lifted my spirits…and helped me get on the mend…


Andyp69 and chris for bringing my bike back…I’ve got something for you mate…

again… thankyou goes out to those who have PM’d me,phoned me,and added to my crash thread…i will never forget it…ever…

here’s too ya LB…!!..there’s no place like home…;).

welling up smiled:D.

Hi matey,

Hope you’re doing ok!? Havent been about much, but hope to be out and about in a few weeks. Need anything, let me know.

Glad to see you`ve been looked after.

bloody big softie :smiley:

Wishing you a speedy recovery Smiled :slight_smile:

you t-rt, we help each other out when needed, as you know, just hurry up and get better.

Aww bless;)

Save us a green triangle :wink:

Hey there!

We all look out for each other - like I’ve said to you before you supported me when I’ve been down and its a pleasure to return the favour.

We want you to get better and back on form so that you can start 2008 the Smiled way - i.e. all smiles and love :smiley:


Not sure what happend as im not on LB much but it does not sound good, So good luck Smiled get well soon and you really are a big softie :wink:





Glad to see you’r on the mend, think the painkillers have affected you though :stuck_out_tongue: How long until you’re out and about mate?

You soppy soft c *nt :stuck_out_tongue:

glad you are getting better mate

if my bike was going i would too visit.