Thanks very much to the kind bikers on the A23 near Kensington

After spending the last few days getting lost all over London on my way home, due to so many road closures and road works, I stopped for petrol on the A23 near Kennington. Whilst turning right out of the petrol station the bike shuddered to a halt and I accidentally dropped it and fell off in the main road. It’s the first time I have dropped a bike in years and it was very embarrassing. :blush: Maybe being tired and distracted was an excuse. :Whistling: Anyway in about 1 second, before anyone had run it over, two very kind male bikers had stopped, picked it up and wheeled it to the side of the road. One very helpful gentleman then stayed with me while I ranted on about the dent in my arrow low boy at length, he inspected the bike, commiserated about dropping it, kindly made sure I was okay and waited until I was safely on my way.

If any of those kind and helpful gentlemen is on LB - I wanted to say thanks very much for your assistance on a day when I was not on form or seemingly able to keep a bike upright. It was extremely unselfish to delay your own journeys.


Sorry to hear that Hels. :angry: But if you are going to taste the tarmac - best to do it at walking speed. Good to hear of bikers helping out strangers.

Just a bit of character building!