Thanks to the BMW rider who drove into my back

why is it that BMW riders behave like they have bought the right with their bike to push everyone out of the way…granted I am on a much smaller bike (scooter) … but there’s no need to push into me - drive into my back/exhaust …and then take off without so much as an apology or a small sorry. Really annoyed - I know central London - especially Embankment is a dog fight area par excellence but isn’t it enough that we need to watch out for all those nutcases in their cars- really don’t need that kind of behaviour from fellow riders.

sorry - had to get this off my chest…

That wasn’t very charitable was it?:hehe:

HA HA Im a BMW rider and was down Embankment today! So sorry if it was me!

Haha! Looks like you just names and shamed yourself Ally XD

LOL yer but im a nice rider :smiley: And im curtious :slight_smile: Im now like paranoid it was me :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry it wasn’t me, but if you would like to put a sign on your back reading “I’m a hater” then I’ll be sure to not miss you in future :doze: is it possible you made a sudden manoeuvre in front of him, using up all of his braking space ? or maybe it was simply an accident? why is it significant that he was on a BMW ? you never been pushed out of the way by a sportsbike or supermotard ? I have many a time, I’ve also seen several rear enders, funnily enough they were mostly sports bikes Harleys and oh yes SCOOTERS! grow up and think before blaming the whole world for the actions of one person :slight_smile: spot the beemer

With respect, in my short time on London’s roads, I have found BMW cars are driven more aggressivly than other cars. Which is a shame because I love beemers :smiley:

Chill out.
Yes stereotyping is generally bad, but everyone is entitled to a rant now and then.

Even more so when it is in the correct forum :wink:

I’m sure the most of BMW bike owners rides normally, and with respect to other road users. The author of this topic has a bad experience with one, not all of them. We have plenty of BMW riders here, great people, good riders. Idiots rides any bike, doesn’t matter what make.

Beware of bad riders fellow LondonBikers! :smiley:

mmm…yeah sorry for stereotyping…just had a few close shavings today on my way to work in and back and noticed the brand - but I agree there are bad drivers on any type of machine including scooters :cool:.

to your question - no chance I did a sudden manouvre - I was stationary towards the end of a queue of bikes at a traffic light waiting.

but anyway - it probably just was an accident and nothing more…

Oh come on pavel, we all know that bmw riders think that they are better than us just like the drivers of bmw cars! :smiley:

:w00t::w00t:Say what??? Nothing wrong with BMW riders thankyou very much! :D:D

its true isn’t it ? :stuck_out_tongue:

and my reply was my rant thank you :stuck_out_tongue:

BM short for Bum Meddlers, nuf said:D


Maybe an exception for female 1s, lol.

Whooo hoo, nothing changes eh.
Rant-o-matic: set to stun (mind yourself).

Right, Scooter riders, truckers, postmen, taxis, white van drivers, women, parking wardens, men, children, disrespectful youth, the police, bullies, politicians, liars, cheats, priests, cyclists, pedestrians, tourists, paedophiles, thieves, Wags, football fans, geeks, bankers, nerds, inconsiderate morons, loud people, Sports bike owners, cagers, Germans, French, and especially the Welsh, Jocks, Geordies, foreigners, Essex boyz, road racers, grannies… just add anyone else you want to slag off.

You’re all idiots and I’m not cos I’m the ranter… so there.

Who doesn’t **** someone else off from time to time?
I know I do, I’m very good at it, in fact I got a degree in being an antagonistic prat.

By the way, can anyone tell me why this is in the LB Charity Efforts forum…
Any mods watching? Should probably be moved eh… :slight_smile:


Mods … move it or something :smiley: