Thanks to Scorch - recommend as mechanic

Thanks Tim for coming all the way from sunny Watford to Streatham to look at my bikes. Nothing wrong at all with the KTM apart from a flat battery :wink: and some new brake pads, bar ends and a check over for the Triumph. Friendly and efficient service and will no doubt give you a shout again.

Thanks also to Matt for the info on the R&G exhaust exhaust protector :slight_smile: will look into it.

Nice way to spend a day off work tinkering about in the sunshine:)

You’re very welcome Hels. Glad they were all simple issues :slight_smile:

Irrelevant to the topic, but i’m in streatham too :smiley:

All the best people live in Streatham :smiley:

Indeed they do! :cool:

Oh yeah! :cool: