Thanks Terry-Moto . . .

for the introduction. hope you got home before freezing your … hands off today!

Another London biker - struggling with parking in soho, bendy buses and suicidal pedestrians (that was very close tonight… I nearly got him). Silver Fazer 600, riding about 4 years, and loving it. Soon to be off on my first European tour (well, France / Spain for a week) so all advice re: riding on the wrong side of the road / the mountains gratefully received.

Nice to meet y’all.


Hi Silver, welcome to LB

Hi and welcome aboard.


hello silver and welcome

Welcome to LB

Hey, welcome to LB! We already have a ‘Silver’, so this could get confusing Put some snaps up of your ride, it’s a newbie tradition

Also, well done Terry!

Thanks everyone. Am currently without access to pics, but apparently I have unfeasibly large crash bungs! (matron). Will post some up soon. Re: Another Silver… my apolgies, I didn’t see them before I registered… am happy to be S.P. or Phase…

Not at all, just the shortening to ‘Silver’ may confuse, but we’ve had worse, so don’t worry

welcome to the site