Thanks Ratty!

Just wanna say a big thank you to Ratty for editing and doctoring a photo I took that came out too dark. the photo was of Andy P on his bike, seeing as I’m the one who takes all the pics, andy never gets a pic of himself riding, so this is a rare sight.

Andy was really surpised by the photo and is going to get it framed,

:Pcheers mate!

Bloomin 'eck - is that you Chris?? :smiley: About time :stuck_out_tongue:

no problem girl!:smiley: after the amount of pics and CD’s you have done for me and others i thought a favour should be returned!:smiley:

i told andy not too open it! glad he didnt sneak a peek! lol

hope the photos ok, i done two sizes and two slightly differrent colour corrs, the bigger one is bang on A4 size and is the better pic;)

glad andy and ya self liked it.

and…your on LB now!! welcome!:stuck_out_tongue:

wtf i got you on here now lol, yeah cheers mate well well pleased with the photo didnt know anything about it.