Thanks ltl_Ally, and everyone else!

Went down to Ace Cafe tonight, taken there by ltl_Ally, who met me and showed me the way, even waiting for me when I couldn’t keep up filtering!

Just wanted to say thanks for taking me Ally, and thanks to all the friendly people down there!

First time meeting other bikers, and won’t be the last :slight_smile:

Cheers folks :slight_smile:

Careful, one second Aly is all sweet and innocent… next minute you’ve been groped… on the bum!

But I heard Ally lures you into a false sense of confidence with cookies before she goes for your bum :w00t:

I’m going to go for the cookies then make a quick escape. I recon I can get away with this one :smiley:

HA HA HA HA HA what are u guys saying to the poor bloke! And Trojan was my only bum grope :stuck_out_tongue:

And i shall be making Christmas cookies this year :smiley:

its great at the ace in the like a full on tourist with my video camera:P

mel i hope thats not your cat/turkey :smiley: