Thanks for the advice

Thanks for the advice offered last week about getting a new bike. Got a year 2000 Firestorm with 9,700 miles on it in the end from a place in Norfolk. There was a Sprint RS but with almost 30,000 miles on it I passed. GSX-Rs and R6s are for people with more youth than I, the CBR 600F was great and smooth but didn’t quite do it. Time will tell if I made a mistake but for now I have to learn how to not put it in a hedge and how to enjoy all that extra power. Oh, and not get done for no tax between now and the arrival of the insurance documents so I can go down the post office. Thanks again.

Nice buy. I hope you enjoy the Firestorm!

enjoy it mate, its a fun bike:)

WooHoo. Excellent choice of bike and seriously fun. Not wildly economical, but who cares when you are having that much fun! Nice and light and so damn good out of corners! Good going. I would have passed the 30K RS as well, best to have low mileage bike and more chance of enjoying it for longer. Have fun!