Thanks for picking me up

The only injury was my pride after I dropped my bike at a junction along The Highway EC1, this afternoon. But I wanted to say thank you to the dispatch rider and the van driver who both stopped immediately to help me pick up the bike.

You are both stars.

Kathy x

Find a couple of hefty guys and practice, you might not be so lucky next time. But some motorcycle trainers insist everyone can pickup a small to medium bike, with training and practice.

(which they will be happy to provide – For a fee!)

Isn’t it always lovely to drop your bike in front of an audience? Bad luck Kathy. Nice to know there were some hero’s on hand! :slight_smile:

Oddly enough I have been shown how to pick up a bike - and allowed to have a practice. The main idea is that you stand wth your back to it and push up with your legs. It does work - but I’m hugely grateful to those two heroes that I didn’t have to try with the ZZR because it really is bloody heavy and it was on a downwards camber, so stopping it rolling is a job for two (or a contortionist).

And you’re quite right - it has to happen in front of an audience!

Anyone care to share their own moments of embarrassing public cackhandedness?

K x

Dropped my bike some time ago at a rather busy Rykers. Someone gave me some money they owed, and I stood up astride the bike to shove it in my trouser pockets. You can imagine the rest.:blush:

I also dropped my bike whilst wheeling it out of the garage a few years ago. But it was okay as the bonnet of my wife’s car broke it’s fall:Whistling:

hehe remember riding off with a load of revs and blue smoke on my KR1-S (two stoke) only to travel about half a metre and fall flat on my face, and THEN remembering to take my disk lock off… So no only did I have to pick my bike up, had to then take the disklock off as well…


But anyways, there is another technique to picking the bike up, turn the handlebars to full lock so that the front wheel is pointing upwards, then bend down, straight back, and cup your hands underneath the bottom handlebar, and then lift :). works every time.