Thank you

Hi I just wanted to say thank you to the nurse that was with me from the start and the other passers by from my fall on brighton road in south croydon last night. Thanks for making sure my bike was out of the way and secured, I really appreciate it. I dont know if shes on here but she mentioned her husband was a biker and her face seemed familiar to someone that I have seen at borough market.

Going to the gym last night after work when suddenly a nice silver golf decides to pull out in front of me while im travelling down the main road :(. I try to emergency stop but end up falling off, cant really rem if I low slided it or what, it happened so quick. While im sliding down the road the bike has kept going and hit into the side of the golf so I am told.

I dont think there was any diesel where I braked, but I think a combination of a cold night + cold tyres/brakes me over (carpark where I departed from was just down the road).

I ended up getting taken by the ambulance and checked out at the hospital. Luckily didnt do any major damage to myself, just alot of bruises and some stiffness/achy ness in my shoulders/neck area

Some pics

You’re ok thats the main thing, I wonder who the nurse was. I know one on here called Valerie, but i dont think its her.

Bikes can be fixed, people cant always be :slight_smile:

nice you are ok

any news on what the bike is like just scuft up hope

Well I had a look at it today and there’s lots of scrapes and cracks. The frame or forks dont look bent but speedo was in my bag when I was in the ambulance, the screen must of disintegrated because there’s no sign of it and the right crash bung snapped off. There’s a link with pics if you want to see for yourself

ouch didnt think them bungs would snap off like that jeez

look sore hope you get it sorted soon good luck

**Jeez luvvie glad your ok, Your reaction must have been big handful of front brake and like you say cold tyres…at least your here to tell the tale;)
And massive big up to the nurse…lucky she made sure you were ok:w00t: **

Sorry to hear you had an accident :frowning: Seems like you are pretty much fine, and thats what counts. Bike doesn’t seem destroyed either. Feel better mate.

dude!! not you as well :frowning:

gws soon fella

bike looks hurt…you fully comp?


tpft :frowning:

And I just took my insurance out at the end of jan sigh

me too…if i get any bits i cant use/dont need i’ll pass em your way fella;)

cheers mate, I dunno what Im doing with mine yet tho. Are you repairing yours yourself or getting a garage to do it?

myself dude…garage is too expensive!

been searchign for bits, got few bits already.