thank you

i just wanna say thank u to everyone one that came to see me when i was in hospital .it made my stay a lot better .salee the food was great thank u .and lasdy p my bears r on my pc dest ,thanks every one with ur nice thoughs hope to see u all very soon

your welcome Ross

get ready for Saturday night mate when i strap you to the roof of my van for Blades Party !

you have forgotten to PM your new phone number and address mate

You’re welcome

Glad to see you on the forum Ross Sorry I only managed to get down the once dude! x

great to see ya! i wont forget ya face when we turned up with the pineapple! ha ha!!! xxx

no worries mate

any excuse to be next too lady p


i would also like to say thank you, if it was not for some of you being able to go and see him he would have been going out of his mind, and not just with the DRUGS, some of you were kind and supportive to me especially when he first had the accident, SO A BIG THANKS FROM ME.

Debbie…Ross’s sister

was good to see ya Ross, be ready for the next French trip!

All the best mate