Thank you Tom Tunstall Racing - BSB Cadwell Park

Firstly, a massive thank you to Andrew at London Bikers and to Heather at Tom Tunstall Racing - Doodson Motorsport for the VIP tickets and great hospitality!:DI got to hold my breath collectively with the other 40 thousand spectators as Josh Brookes flew over the mountain.

I even got to rub shoulders with some of my biking hero’s and their bikes which was absolutely awesome!

It was the best track I have been to in the UK and I will be back next time around for sure.

Here are some pic’s…ladies the Guy Martin one’s are just for you! :wink:

Cyndi :smiley:


Nay bother Cyndi, delighted to help spread the word that Cadwell is an amazing place to watch racing! And it’s a great ride up there too, only 3hrs or so yet so few go.

Tom and his crew were only to happy to help!

I’ve got to say too that your winning caption of “Performance Wins the Race” only just pipped that of Bamblemash which was “Tunstall’s FunStall” - that really tickled Tom but didn’t win as he felt it not entirely commercial.

So a good weekend, and glad you missed the miserable weather on Sunday!

I’ve included a pic of Brookesy doing his Mountain thing, Tom in the rain and Mason heading out to the misery of Sunday morning practice.


Haha loving the wet practice sign, like they needed telling lol

Amazing photo of Brookesy Andrew!! quality.