Thank you Mr Audi

Thank-you to the Audi driver who made my evening tonight :slight_smile: Damn that’s one fast car! No idea what he had under the hood, but it sure as hell wasn’t standard. Lot’s of pops and whistles.

Must have been something tasty like an R8 or RS4.

But I know how you ride, so it could just have easily been a TT ([email protected] [email protected]) :smiley:

Did he offer you candy and a new bike if you got in? :wink:

next time ask the driver to take it off cruise control.

Getting old ? :wink:

BMWs are just too common nowadays :wink:

was it green and fairly dented? :Whistling:

the new TTS is a beast…

Haha, jokers.

Eugene, you wanna remind me of this when we’re at the track next :slight_smile:

While doing Scooterman I once had the pleasure of driving an Auto S6 Avant Plus. It looked like a total sleeper car and didn’t at all seem from the outside like something with 450 bhp and all wheel drive.

Dont forget the RS6 and current S8 have the V10 Lambo mill in them. The S8 is a big car, but the whole thing is made of aluminium!:cool:

Yeah ok…Snetterton.

Bye bye :smiley:

wanna come for a ride in my new car when it arrives in the country jay? my last 1 beat an 03 gsxr 750 down the strip :smiley:

heh what you getting the Snkyline whoomphed up??

noooope, a nice old school s13. was running in the jdm allstars drift series earlier in the year :P, currently running 530bhp on the latest dyno run and weighs about the same as my bro’s saxo :D…last one was 627bhp at the wheels though so i have some work to do yet :wink:

i’ve not met you but i love you!:smiley: i looooove the old s13’s :cool:

Sounds good to me :slight_smile:

Afro… Power to weight ratio mate, and corner speed. :slight_smile:

I’m up for a drag race too :smiley:

Oii…I’m not that fat…Power to weight ain’t bad :smiley:

Corner speed? At Snetterton?

I think top speed and drive off the corners is more important there mate :wink:

like these???