Thank you London Bikers

WOW!:)What a night we all had last night at the Ace Cafe!

I want to thank you all for being so supportive in this sad moment. You truly are a fantastic family!

Thanks to your donations we managed to raise £2215 at the Ace Cafe alone and a further £2000 for the sale of his bike. Rodrigo is going home to his family and on behalf of his family I thank you once again. I will put a another post wih regards to a ride out to the airport as soon as i know the exact time and date!

R.I.P. RodrigoSpecial thanks to:Ian and Lee for helping me organising the event and being so supportive.Mark (Ace Cafe owner) for letting us organising the event at the Ace.London Bikers and all bikers with your donations.Stacey and Tiggi for organising the raffle ( nice ass):DGinger for taking all the photos and ensure this memorable moment will never be forgoten.

aww it was our pleasure, glad to see so many people turn up. Its amazing how something so sad can bring so many people together… Glad enough money was raised for rod.

Glad it was a success your a top boy Miggy for taking this on, like i said to you last night you did him proud mate… fairplay for everyone for getting the money together.

Very well done, all. It’s good to be part of a community that does this kind of thing.

Glad it went well…and thanks for your text sugar xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

I never had a doubt we’d be sending him home, well done to all made this possible, much love :-x

That is wonderful news that enough money was raised for Rod to go home. A BIG WELL DONE to you Miggy.

Was proud to be a part of it all, well done to everyone :smiley:

Well done, what a fantastic effort, sorry i couldn’t make it last night, will be there for the ride though.

Well done to everyone involved for raising so much. It was fantastic to see so many people rally round for Rod it made me very proud to know you all.

very glad to hear he’s going to make it home.
sorry couldnt be out there last night but i have left my donation with the Jizz’s last sunday, will look forward to the ride out to the airport.
well done.

thanks miggy…

the photos are now on the facebook group!/home.php?sk=group_154733994562057

thats good news:)

glad to be of help, and be a part of the show of support to everyone who was close to rod

That’s wonderful news. Gutted I cant make the ride as I have to work…maybe I can meet you somewhere as I can probably get away around 1pm…