*Thank You Dinner Final Announcement*

yeah yeah


there’s a tranny driving a pick up?

whatever innit !!!

Those meeting at Liberties give me a bell please !!

A pity I cant join you guys

But enjoy this evening!!

You deserve it!!

Top evening. It was great to see so many from the BCW

Thanks Lou for sorting that out, that’s two great LB dinner nights you have sorted out.

Nice toast Barrow, cheers

and well done to Matt for sorting out the bill.

But what happened to my tent buddy? Charlie was you out side again!

I just wanted to say thank you for coming to the thank you dinner. It was a lovely meal and Strada was very accommodating for us. Nice one guys xxx

I’d like to say a big thanks to Lou for getting all the arrangements in place. It worked out well as we had a brill time Cheers to everyone for making it a lovely evening!


Gooooooooddddd Morning Lou

and to say to you (and the crew)…not only did you give ya all at BCW you did a fantastic job of arranging a fantastic night !!

It was through LB that id met Adam again after about 25yrs and then his top notch Dad at Cubana

Last Night hes Mum came to say hello to me after all those years too !!


PBZ might not be about for a while as we carried on the champoo life style long in to the night and the last I saw of him he had no shoes on and was trying to climb in to one of my neighbours partys via a tree !!!

never mind eh !!!

Thank you Lou and big love to the Topgooners quality family…