*Thank You Dinner Final Announcement*

First off just wanted to say thanks people for putting your names down and making this happen. I have been very fortunate to get a good deal with Strada for our meal and in return there are a couple of things I wonder if you guys could adhere to on Saturday evening:

I would be a grateful if we could conduct ourselves during the meal in a sensible manner. This is will be a highly public place and busy restaurant (this is no quiet East is East). We will be in view of people and therefore Londonbikers.com will be in the public eye. So please go easy on the swearing, if you are gonna use it.

Mobile phones should either remain off or out of sight, so no bluetooth/infereding porn and such like.

There will be partners/spouses attending. I would like to think that we will give the best representation in front of them.

I hope that for favourite future venues that Strada will become one of them. I apologise for the formality of this post, however it is important that we get things straight before we arrive.

It applies to all of us. Equally. (Some more equally than others, admittedly )

I am sure everyone will be on their best behaviour. I just want us to appear not only great, fantastic, super duper but I would like our good manners to shine through


Well done Lou - needed saying!

Talking of Ginger,

he mentioned to me that people are wearing the breast cancer shirts !!!

is that right ??

I unno… I’m wearing whatever’s on the top of my clean pile. End of

Same here! My Orange T-shirt is in a frame anyway…

i will bring mine along, although it is an XL (to go over my bike jacket).

yes! well said lou!! i shall be wearing smart/casual, no orange shirt for me, as mines been put away, and i dont want to be tangoed all the way to the dinner, hehe…

lovely picture of you sincere…

i am very sorry to say this but i now cannot make it to the dinner

when i pick Ty up on Friday we are straight off to Cornwall …we were both looking forward to being there but this cant be helped

have a good one, behave and CHEERS (shame your not wearing the t-shirts though)

we will definately be at the lads and ladies night out though

Well I’m wearing my t-shirt and I’m riding in.

well have a lovely weekend


me too

If its good enough for you then its good enough for me !!

Jolly Good show old Chap !!

5pm Libertines?

  1. Pete

  2. Homoboy Bender?

  3. Barro?

  4. And anyone else in the area heading down…

Done Deal Mate !!

5pm it is !!

and I need to talk to you about your taxi fare refund !!!

Taxi Receipt - I was going to nip down to the office to claim it in person. There’s a real fittie still working there.

well dont take Bender with ya !!!

remember to be therefore 7pm please guys

will do sweetie…and we wont be waiting for someone to pick us up in a transit at euston either !!!