Thank the Lord we're not in Australia

Couple of posts by a guy from OZ on the USA CBR forum, complaining about the authorities in N.S.W. Never knew they were so tough down under, makes you feel a bit better about biking over here in Dear Old Blighty…

Is that the original paint scheme, if so you guys certainly do a lot better than us, very tasty.
Looks like it’s been well cared for as well, Courts here would have us hung by our genitals if we removed the rear mudguard though.

Yeah well, thats the thing about bureacrats. Once the bike(s) pass the ok from manufacturer, thats it.
Only mods allowed are those that don’t change the “integrity” of original. Up until recently, even after market pipes had to carry an “approved” sticker, stating Db rating & so on. Cops and RTA (Road Transit Authority) had a field day, booking riders with non-approved pipes. manufacturers have woken up & attach em now.
I got a caution from a cop after I got my bike, cos I fitted a Bagster tank cover & it covered the “Unleaded Fuel Only” sticker, (that was when leaded petrol was still availible) They even fine people for removing the information stickers on em. Their pretty savage sometimes, I think that they like to have something up their sleeves, in case they can’t get you for anything else. Classic was when they released the Suzuki SV650. they had a small plaque pop-riveted on the frame. “Warning- Drilling/altering frame can cause safety hazard”.