thank feck for lb

in the time of need of a little bit of gossip and humour, i know trusty lb never fails to impress

thanks guys!!!


We do are best to please.:smiley:

Gossip?? Do tell :wink:

well there is a rumour going round that Jp is funny…but I stress its only a rumour :smiley:

Yeah I heard that too :stuck_out_tongue:

yeah what gossip?

well, did you hear about smiled?



yes!!! do go on :D:P;)

ahh forgot what i was gona say now :stuck_out_tongue:

b!!tch :P:D

Really, always suspected it!! Well done for admitting it mate :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

shhh, did u see our pictures of our ‘dirty’ day out?

very very dirty, the bikes are black and everything :wink:

what what what!!!:hehe:

what did he say