You’re joking right?


You should be on yer bike instead of wasting your life watching wasters do exactly that.


WE will all have to put up with endless rubbish telly on channel four, I remember when they used to have decent sit coms on like spaced, instead of this rubbish.

??? Do you like it???

OMG!!! I hate that programme its never been good and never will be! You sit in a house watching a tele where other people are sitting in a house! for fcuks sake grow up people lol! Rant over!

The only good thing about Big brother is that the wife loves it and she won’t notice that I have slipped out the door with my Lid and bike keys!!

[RANT] Big Brother … that programme is such a piece of sh!t … reality TV? … there’s nothing real about it … a bunch of random attention seeking tossers being couped up in an artificial environment for weeks, being made to perform stupid tasks whilst they are filmed and broadcast to the nation … where the fvck is the reality in that?

If you want reality, stick a camera in the West End and watch the bike thieves at work! [/RANT]

Thats a top notch rant mate I like your style!!!

A no brain program for no brain people.

Reminds me why I don’t watch the TV. Complete and utter B*&%@X.

Wonder how much nudity we’ll see this year. Half the girls from previous series’s have ended up in Nuts/Zoo magazine

makes me even happier that i leave old blighty for france and the moto gp on thursday

back on teusday though…boo

The only good thing bout that programme, is when its over!

Sorry itchy, the overwhelming concensus is Big Brother is a waste of time.

Come down the Cubana on Wednesday and we’ll try and talk you out of doing something silly on Thursday … like watching it

Although I must admit, its a damm good way of keeping the Heat magazine Herd off the streets leaving more room for me and the Death Star… Maybe Big Bro is a good thing then…

How do I say, “Its crap!” without offending anyone who likes it…suggestions please?

Just say it how it is mate, I don’t think you will be offending many on the subject of BB.

Brain dead TV. Just look at who won it last. Some bimbo with less IQ then a goldfish. Kind of sums up the people who watch it.

I really don’t give a crap what they put on telly. I just don’t watch.

Only thing I would like to watch is ‘CSI’ but as am usually working nights it’s really not an option anyway. Cannot see the point in watching a load of attention whores doing absolutely nothing.

Utter drivel.

I found something much more exciting than BB, sitting in the garden watching the grass grow, in the dark. you should get out more preferably on yer bike