7:30 AM MONDAY 19/OCT Saw two police bikes seting up there speed trap at the junction of centurion way of YARTON way thamesmead.

i know they have always been down there year in year out with out fail but always worth a reminder!!!

no respect at all to the police now had enough i like my freedom and they can f k off

if you like yr freedom to ride dont even bother going down yarton way!

its a 30 down there though, and the biker that passed too close at about 80 and shook up my learner the other day deserved to get caught, or better still knocked off!

The police are not always there for a good reason, and i know its not really residential down there but there is a school.

better still knocked off??? shame on you why you on here if you wish that upon a biker!!!

yes speed is an issue but the police abuse it like hell same as the terrorist act they abuse that too, its like a cowboy builder pretending his a fully skilled builder, no difference just the police have the ordane right to do what they want from the pm gordon ‘gangster 2 face give yr tax and more tax’ brown

bike rider or car driver, you put me in any kind of danger and this guy did, deserves what he gets.

ok well we have the ordane right to wish what we wish upon people

but hey

You got real issue with the law ain’t ya :Whistling:

It gets better tiggi, check out my shame or praise thread that he gave me, hehehe:D

you taking my troublemaker crown Mel:D

hehe, i direct you to the above post… i dont want to take your crown rob, that fight you had with westie was a record maker!!! lol

Lol Mel, just read and replied :stuck_out_tongue:

And Rob, you will always be a trouble maker :stuck_out_tongue: I still think you and Westie should have had a wrestling match or something to settle it properly though :slight_smile:

We had a cuddle and made up, what more do you want:D

[quote] **mrginx (19/10/2009)** --- no respect at all to the police now had enough i like my freedom and they can f k off[unquote] You obviously also don't have a grasp on the English laungauge. Oh by the way, imo your a tool of the first order!!

How do you know they were setting up a ‘speed trap’?

they are doing it a few times a week down there, police motorcyclist, on a side road. sometimes they even tow em too:D:D

I know they are there regularly, I’m just wondering what makes him think they were catching speeders and not engaging in some other kind of law enforcement activity…

i told ya id come find ya and scare ya one day couldnt be bothered to go all that way in the lorry so decided to do it on the bike, it wasnt 80 it was 75 actually :P:w00t::hehe:

hehe, funny curtis :D:D

praise the lordy! yr on here not on the road

:angry: think before u speak