TFL think bike ad

very good advert to hopefully make drivers think twice.

Will it make people think twice in plumstead and woolwich? Nearly went insane round there today!! :smiley:

ah my stomping ground, there are more than it’s fair share of morons around here!

problem is, most of em are bus drivers LOL

The only problem with this ad, is its not shown on TV enough…

I actually only saw it for the first time on TV today…
I think they should make a really grim one, like the seatbelt and pizza one, showing the minute after the crash…when the motorcyclist is lying on the ground and the driver has to get out the car and find them dead, call the ambulance and then wait with body.
Idiots that take risks think they are above average drivers so will probably think they can make these calls better than others…they probably watch the advert and think its aimed at old people in shopmobility cars and that cant turn/accelerate quickly enough to “make it”

**Will it make people think x in plumstead and woolwich? Nearly went insane round there today!!

Aka Calamity Mel**

Small correction to your post Mel.

The answer is probably “no”. I’ve been working there a good few years and have come to the conclusion that most of the SE18 car owners are cretins.

From a couple of brief contacts, I’m not that impressed by the police there either. Not quite “Police Interceptor” material.

haha, i completely agree, especially the cretin part. Unfortunately i have to work there every day, and i hate it with a passion. Nobody cares about anyones safety there, as long as they are ok!!