Texas Trip

I’ve started booking things for my trip to Texas in November.

So far -

Formula 1 Practise & Qualifying in Austin
Texans v Jags (NFL) in Houston
Knicks v Mavs (NBA) in Dallas
Redskins v Cowboys (NFL) in Dallas
OSU v Oklahoma (NCAA) in Oklahoma

It’s quite a full schedule already, but there doesn’t look to be a great deal else to do in Texas, so, anyone got any tips of things to see?

shoot some road signs! :smiley:

That NFL game will be shite! GO VIKES!

In all seriousness, find a shooting range!

Get to a rodeo, they are quite a larf and you get to see a country and western band too!

Houston Space Centre

Without a doubt… a gun range and blast away with a 50cal :laugh:

The bat colony under the bridge in Austin is pretty spectacular.

If you like bats and caves, then there is Carlsbad caverns, it’s at the boarder with New Mexico but its worth the view.

brisket/elgin sausage

Austin has an amazing live music scene.

go see the set of Dallas :smiley:

A few good suggestions, thanks… (well, except maybe Alba’s :stuck_out_tongue: )

Definitely look into a gun range, not thought of that one.

Place in Dallas called HOOTERS!!

Nice place to relax and have a few beers.

Sugar’s in Austin for that sort of thing…:stuck_out_tongue: Or so I’m told.

J.R. Ewing or Debbie Does?

Hahahaha. I wanna see both! :smiley:

Simon there was only one Dallas…:smiley:

seriously i’d vote for the space centre and the rodeo too.

no shooting! :laugh:

See i would not go to Texas because…


Hmm, it doesn’t like the Rodeo will still be on in November, but I’ll check nearer the time perhaps.

friendly people at the Lone Star Range, if you are in the Austin area, the Cabelas store is worth a visit, San Marcos if you want to waste a load of time in a Mongo sized outlet centre! Bandera for a couple of old time cowboy bars

My reason is what Gunnery Sergeant Hartman says about Texas :wink:

Go to a BBQ cook-off. 100 enormous Texan BBQ fanatics trying to out-grill each other. Seriously these guys spend weeks preparing secret recipes and marinating their brisket (no euphemism intended).

Unlikely to get a more all American experience or better BBQ ribs anywhere else. :smiley: