Testing the waters... BMW F650 comuter machine - £900...BARGAIN


Just bought this bike on Saturday gone and I was intending to take it abroad to Belgium. However, if I can… I’d like to change that idea by selling this and buying another bike that’s on eBay at the moment. Its something completely different and its half the price of this one too as I really need to save the money!

Here is the low down:

1998 BMW F650 Funduro
43k on the clocks
Taxed & Tested until late November 2013!!!
Ride away

Comes complete with the following accessories:

BMW Side Panniers (w/2 keys)
Brand new 51litre top box (w/2 keys)
BMW Hand Guards
Heated Grips (they’re rather weak though… not sure why)
An old Scottoiler is fitted
Renthal Aftermarket Bars are fitted for a more comfortable riding position
Good chain & sprockets as well as 500mile old rear tyre
New front brake pads

Front Tyre has maybe 1k on it
Screen has a slight crack
Missing decal on RHS rear fairing
Exhaust is slightly blowing (needs tightened up at cylinder head) but hey…it passed it’s MOT like this and it’s certainly not excessive.
Tears on both sides of the seat (will be taped up)

£900 cash on collection, bike is located in Ashford (Surrey… NOT Kent)

I’m losing money by potentially selling it so quickly. I have to act fast if I want the other bike but the sale of this one depends on that. And I can go no lower on price.





Pics :slight_smile:

Photos added.

If you’d posted a few weeks ago I’d have snapped this up!
It was exactly what I wanted!

Doh! It is the most comfortable and pleasant bike I’ve ever ridden. Not exhilarating right enough… but who needs that in a commuter/tourer thing. I put some photos up but it’s the plastic handguards that come with the bike - the bar muffs, I will keep for the other bike.

I went ahead and purchased the other bike.

So I may just take this one over for the first time, get settled and then come back for my new Honda CB-1. :smiley:

Whether I bring back the BMW or not, that depends if anyone wants it for this price.

Sold for £950.