Testing an Optimate

When my TL is tucked up in its garage I leave the battery on the Optimate.

The Yausa battery was new one year ago

In the last couple of weeks when I’ve gone to start my bike it’s only just not turning over fast enough to catch and I’ve had to bump start it:doze:

I bit the bullet and bought another new battery this morning and lo and behold it spins up a treat.

So i’m wondering if me Optimate is working OK as all the green lights are on as they should be.

Anyone know how to test these?

bump start a TL :w00t:

bet that was fun :stuck_out_tongue:

Yes. buy a new battery, plug it into an optimate for a year then try starting your bike off it. if ya bike don’t start your optimate’s fooked :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry couldn’t resist. not too far from the truth though, unless the battery was dodgey. would a multimeter tell you what amperage is coming out of it? maybe you could see what the trickle charge is reading at as it pulses? certainly sounds iffy. know quite a few people to have their batteries fried by optimates. won’t use em anymore.

i got mine from maplins as i’m a cheapskate. seems to work ok but i never really need to use it as i ride all year round :wink:

I was waiting for some comical genius to arive:)

I have tried that but I cant get a reading, its not like a normal charger. Does it need to be triggered into life by a flat battery or whatever. As it stands, just plugged in its reading no amps:hehe:

It’s when you find out who your friends are;):smiley:

It should sit there doing jack-**** untill the battery voltage drops slightly, then the optimate should start a low current charge.

why thank you :smiley:

i was under the impression they pulse charged a small current into the battery once the battery was full just to keep it topped up but yeah, it may monitor the actual volts then pop a bit in as and when it needs it. spose it depends on the particular charger. was the battery on the bike?

Well it’s certainly doing Jack-**** at the moment but how do i get it to start dancing so i can test it?:smiley:

stick it on a full battery then stick the multimeter on it and check the charge going into the battery?

first read this as “testing an opiate” :w00t::wink:

maybe ask a local breakers yard for a wasted battery they are going to throw away and try charging that?

But thats the thing…Am i testing the Optimate or the battery by doing that?:slight_smile:

the optimate. as the battery’s level drops there should be a period of charging in which case the current will increase then when the battery’s full it should level off (stop charging). spose if you leave the battery for a couple of weeks or so it should drain a bit, take a reading, then stick the optimate on, current should increase so as to charge and then level off between 12.5-13.5 volts when full. if it stays at the charging rate your optimate’s frying the battery gradually. if the battery reads lower than the last reading after a couple of weeks on the optimate then it’s not sensing when to put the top up charge in.

can’t remember if you said it’s on the bike or not? was the battery you got a put-the-acid-in-yourself job?

Surely if you cranked your bike over a bit, or leave the lights on for a while, the battery will be low enough for the Opti to kick in. You get a standalone reading from the battery which should then rise when you connect the Opti again :slight_smile:

Did that make any sense? :unsure:

If not you’ll get really good at the push starts ala the '60s :cool:

Thats what I don’t get, the old battery is reading 13.2V so thats tip top but its turning over slow with that one. The new one is the same reading and spins over like a goodun.

It was off the bike as I don’t fancy the idea of leaving it on charge in situ.

All TLR batteries are DIY acid jobs:)

Maybe a duff cell? :ermm:Mines on the bike and plugged in at all times :cool:My test should still work even off the bike if you discharge it with a bulb or something :wink:

If it was a duff cell it wouldn’t be reading 13.2V surely as its 2.2V/cell innit?

Sometimes they only mess about under load :wink:

Do they?

I’ve got another charger(s) so will just stick it on that and see if it will turn over after that:cool:

I’m not overly fussed as I have a new one anyway.

dont know anything about the optimate,
but if u connect a wire wound or ceramic resistor across the output of a voltage source
( ur charger)
with a meter set to current in series between 1 end of resistor and the charger terminal this will present a known load
n u can calculate the current and compare with reading

using ohms law:
voltage ( 12v) / maximum charger current (say 2 amp) = R ( 6 ohm)
so u use a 6 ohm resistor rated at 24 w
or 12 w for a 1 amp charger
the charger shud deliver its full load current into the resistor

:w00t: nice work :hehe: i’ll stop talking about electrics now. forever :stuck_out_tongue: